Andre, the turtle, discovered dead

Andre, the turtle, discovered dead

It has not been long since Andre, the sea turtle, was returned to the sea on August 3 this year. Andre survived catastrophic injuries and underwent a year of rehabilitation and innovative surgeries before he was moved to the sea again off the Florida coast in front of hundreds of well-wishers. His news was even reported here on this blog in week 4. About three weeks after, he has been found dead.

Andre, a 177-pound sea turtle, was released off the Florida coast on Aug. 3 after a year of rehabilitation from traumatic injuries. He was found dead on Thursday.

According to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, the place where he received treatment, Andre’s body washed up on Hutchison Island early morning on August 25, 2011. However, the cause of his death could not yet be confirmed. He was in dire condition when he was found, which prevented the detection of his actual cause of death. However, an identification tag that was attached to one of his flippers confirmed it was him.

Watch Ashleigh Walters reporting for Newschannel 5 below:

Earlier, the turtle’s story was followed by many of the 225,000 annual visitors to the center and through a round-the-clock webcam. Children flooded him with mail and checks flowed in from around the world to support his care. The staff and the entire volunteer base are deeply saddened from the news of his death as they had grown so attached to him during his treatment and rehabilitation. This sad news has even impacted thousands of his well-wishers worldwide.

Scientists are saying that what they learned during his treatment will help them treat other sea turtles with traumatic injuries of his endangered species. Green sea turtles are endangered today. According to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Andre’s plight inspired many people to understand the continued need for ocean conservation.


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    Nice, do not forget apply online media theory.

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    Could you say it at beginning why this turtle dead and become a news. In other word, why this turtle is that important.

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