A mammoth saltwater crocodile caught in Philippines

Villagers and a group of hunters in the Philippines have captured a one-ton saltwater crocodile along a stream in Bunawan Township in Agusan del Sur province after hunting for about three weeks. Guinness World Records lists a saltwater crocodile caught in Australia as the largest crocodile in captivity, measuring about 17 feet 11.75 inches. However, this crocodile caught in Philippines measures about 21 feet.

Mayor with the crocodile

Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde said that the crocodile was responsible for killing the water buffalo last month and reportedly attacked a fisherman who went missing in July. It had become a threat for the village.

It wasn’t an easy task to catch the crocodile. The hunters initially set four traps on sightings of the creek; however, the crocodile destroyed them all. Sturdier traps were then used using steel cables, which finally succeeded in catching the reptile. Even after being caught, it wasn’t an easy task to pull it; the enormous reptile weighed around 2,370 pounds and required around 100 people to pull it before the crane lifted it into the truck.

The crocodile has been nicknamed Lolong and is currently placed in a fenced cage. An ecotourism park is being planned, with the center of attraction none other than Lolong. Villagers are happy that they will be able to turn a threat to their lives into an asset. The region is currently impoverished but Lolong should bring the people good fortune.

Animal rights activists, on the other hand, have already urged the authorities to return the crocodile back to the wild. However, the mayor has refused stating that the crocodile, if released, will pose a threat to the residents of the village.



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4 Responses to A mammoth saltwater crocodile caught in Philippines

  1. marystori says:

    Interesting article. I found it very easy and pleasant to read. It is unbelievable that a such large crocodile exists in real life. It looks like something from that Crocodile movie.
    The contradictory opinion between animal rights activists and the mayor left me thinking what would be the best end for the crocodile. In my point of view, they should keep the crocodile in the ecotourism park, where it will be well treated and residents will feel more secure. Mariana Stori z3388978

  2. Rosa WONG says:

    Very interesting article. Impactful image and video. the article is easy to read and there is also suitable multimedia elements within the article, which is very informative and engaging.

  3. 3360583 Lois says:

    photos and videos help explain story lot. Smart!

  4. sporterspot says:

    The video really makes me shocked. Meanwhile, it makes thinking aother problem is that legal to do that?

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