Captivity makes fish aggressive

Goldfish can normally be seen in any of the fish aquariums that are kept at home. However, if you look closely, you might notice an angry glare from the goldfish. A study from Case Western Reserve University has found that fishes in a cramped, barren space turn mean. The welfare of the fishes has largely been ignored by the society.

Oldfield’s paper scientifically studies how the environment of home aquariums affects the aggressive behavior of ornamental fishes. The behavior of the fish, Midas cichlid, has been kept and observed in a variety of environments – within their native range in a crater lake in Nicaragua, in a large artificial stream in a zoo, and in small tanks of the sizes typically used to by pet owners.

In the tanks that closely resembled the natural living conditions of theirs, which are, the pond, lakes, river, etc., the fishes were less aggressive. However, tempers were flared in the fish that were kept in less desirable aquariums, with perturbed fishes flaring their fins. Some of the fishes even nipped, chased, charged and murdered each other.

This study also throws some light on the human behavior and living conditions. Crime rates are usually high in areas with higher population densities and in poorer locales, where people compete for the available resources. A fish aquarium is no better than what a prison is for a human being.

Thus, the article beings into light a concern put forward by animal activists for years now, that animals should be kept in their natural habitat for their survival. If the aquarium is still chosen, people should take care that cheap, stagnant water models are not selected or else, their favorite pets will have to be disposed off very, very soon. Aquariums that appear very close to the natural habitat should be chosen. One example of such an aquarium is displayed below:


Viegas, J. (2011, September 23). ANGRY FISH INHABIT MOST HOME AQUARIUMS. Retrieved October 13, 2011, from Discovery News website:


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2 Responses to Captivity makes fish aggressive

  1. 3360583 Lois says:

    lovely fish, lovely reports

  2. sporterspot says:

    Seriously? Is the fish lovely? They all looks ungood looking. But bitting fish is turely interesting.

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